Monday, June 20, 2011

You might have noticed....

That nappies over at are mostly selling for $10.  You probably haven't wondered why.. or maybe you did?!  

Over the last few months life has changed and I am finding less room for the store I started almost 4 years ago.  I had a discussion with my always supportive parents, who backed my business venture in many ways, and it was decided that we would offer Baby Safari for sale.

If you are interested in finding out more then please email me (Alisha) to find out more.  We are currently compiling a list of the assets the business has and I will be commencing stock take soon.  You do not need to be an excellent seamstress, most of our products are made offshore but if you can sew then the opportunity is there to do custom nappies and sew other products.  The business has great potential to expand for someone who has the time and drive to make it succeed.

In the mean time I will continue with the stock reduction and the nappies are walking out the door at the moment!   We had made another order with our supplier which is due in soon, mostly for cloth pads and cloth breast pads so they will be added with they arrive.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Cloth Nappies in winter.

This will be my fourth winter using MCN, and winter is probably my least favourite time to be a MCN user.  The lack of sun is a drag and I get really tired of seeing all the laundry, not just nappies, all over my living room!!

I thought I'd share some of my Cloth Nappying in winter tips in case anyone else out there is finding it difficult.

I have found pocket nappies great for the colder weather.  The shells dry quite quickly regardless of the temperature and if you have a couple of extra inserts you can reuse the shell again while your other inserts are drying.  Mircrofibre inserts also dry really quickly which is handy on cold days.  The bamboo inserts in our Adventurer nappies are trifolds so they are only two layers when unfolded which means they will dry quicker than they would of if we had made them a rectangular shape with 6 layers.

If you have a dryer you can put your inserts in there to help dry them off quickly.  I do NOT recommend putting pocket shells or AIO nappies in the dryer as it can affect the PUL and elastic.

I don't have a dryer but we do have a wood heater.  I find the bamboo inserts, which generally take the longest to dry still only take a day or so when in front of the heater.  I know people with central heating have success with drying their nappies on a clothes horse  placed over the vent.

The fastest drying AIO I have used is the Pikapu, it has a microfibre inner so it can be dry within an hour in front of the heater.  I boost my Pikapu with a bamboo booster so if you had an extra booster to use while the first was drying you could easily reuse the nappy within the same day (depending on when you washed it of course).

I can never wait for the warmer days to come back so my nappies can get a dose of sun to help sanitise them!  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Expo was a wash out :(

Well I headed off to Townsville bright and early on the 11th only to get an email a few hours after I arrived letting us all know the Expo was being postponed due to the weather.  I was a bit disappointed but it was understandable since it hardly stopped raining the whole weekend although that did make the heat more bareable for me!

I left all the nappies and liners up there with mum and she is going to attend the re-scheduled Expo on the 9th of April since I am unable to fly up again.  Mum will be in Townsville for the next few months before she relocates to southern Qld so if you want to save on post, pick up in Townsville can be arranged.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I knew I'd be bad at blogging!

I was never very good at keeping a diary when I was younger!!

This weekend we are heading up to Townsville for the "Mumpreneurs Expo" at Cluden Racecourse on Saturday.  I have packed as many nappies as I can fit into the case and I am crossing my fingers it is not over the baggage limit!!   The only part of the trip that I am not looking forward to is the 4.45am wake up.  I don't think my 19 month old daughter, who is coming with me, will be keen on that bit either and hopefully she falls asleep on the plane.

Due to the early departure on Friday our last mail run this week will be Thursday afternoon.  Anything ordered after 3pm on Thursday will be posted out on Tuesday the 15th.

We are expecting new inserts to replace the bamboo fleece/velour ones in the Adventurers.  These ones will be bamboo terry/velour and there should not be any shrinkage with them at all.  The other inserts will be sold out at rock bottom prices and they will make brilliant extra large wipes or if you have an overlocker you can easily run a new seam around the side after the first wash, and they will still be great boosters.  So keep an eye out for that special in the next few weeks!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are heading north!

My mum (half of Baby Safari) is already there so next month I am heading up to Townsville so Baby Safari can participate in the Townsville North Queensland Mumpreneurs Expo!  For once I have been organised and ordered top ups of the business cards and flyers and I have even ordered a banner for the table.  Mum has been at me to organise one of those for months... if not years!

The only problem now is going to be deciding what to pack so that I don't exceed the 23kg baggage limitation!

I lived in Townsville for a while a few years back so I am looking forward to catching up with some old friends while I am there and I am also looking forward to checking out the old haunts (ie Stockland, Castletown and Willows!)

On the store front I am trying ot clear out some space in the back room so I have discounted the large prefolds to hopefully get the last box of them moving out the door! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And another quick note for today!

 A couple of our lovely customers have alerted us to the fact that the bamboo fleece side of the Adventurer insert is experiencing shrinkage.  To minimise this problem please wash the inserts in a cold wash for the first few times and do not put them in the dryer.  The insert can be gently stretched by hand when it comes out of the machine to help it dry flat.

New care instruction cards will be made for the Adventurer and we will make sure this problem is rectified in future.

Happy Australia Day!

I hope everyone has a lovely day with their families today!

We've been really pleased with the response to our new Adventurer nappies, and the Limited Edition printed nappies.  The Adventurer pre-order price of $15 will continue until the end of this month, after that they will be at the RRP of $22.

Our power was out yesterday, it was supposed to be back on at 4pm but it was 8pm by the time it was eventually restored.  My iphone also thought yesterday would be a great day not to send any emails!  I responded to all the messages I had when I got back online late last night but if you emailed me and didn't get a response please email me again.